KDDI's CO₂ Emission reduction Targets obtain approval from SBT Initiative

March 9,2022

KDDI Corporation

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) [Jump to the applicable section1] has approved the KDDI Group's CO2 Emission reduction targets. KDDI will continuously work to further optimize the energy consumption of its base stations and telecommunication facilities and accelerate its transition to renewable energy sources, and thus KDDI works towards the realization of the latest target for the entire KDDI Group [Jump to the applicable section2].


■KDDI's Latest Target

Target scopesTarget
Scope1 Direct GHG emissions that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by organization Reduce CO2 emissions to 50% of FY 2019 levels by FY 2030
Scope2 Indirect GHG emissions associated with usage of electricity, heat and steam provided by external actors.
Scope3 Indirect GHG emissions other than Scope 2 emissions (3rd parties' emissions relevant to KDDI's business operations) Reduce CO2 emissions by 14% by FY 2030 compared to FY 2019 levels

In May, 2020, KDDI announced "KDDI Sustainable Action: Our power to make connections will help create a brighter future for all," KDDI's SDGs with an eye on 2030, and declared that we would proactively accelerate its transition to renewable energy sources, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, while helping society reduce its environmental impact by utilizing ICTs.

KDDI will endeavor to solve these issues by leveraging the telecommunication operator's unique strengths utilizing 5G, IoT and other technologies, as well as identify risks of climate change and other social issues.

KDDI will unceasingly promote the integration of telecommunications and life design and connect people, companies and society to help society grow sustainably while further contributing to initiatives to save the planet in collaboration with a wide range of partners through achieving this target.


■KDDI's Initiatives for Achieving Carbon Neutrality

  • [1]
    The SBTi is an international climate change initiative jointly established by the UN Global Compact, CDP (an international NGO working to combat climate change), WRI (World Resources Institute) and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). Companies' GHG reduction targets qualify as SBTs if they conform to the target set under the Paris Agreement, which is to hold the global temperature rise well below 2℃ and pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels.
  • [2]
    The target set on July 28, 2021 was to reduce the CO2 emissions from operations of KDDI Corporation (Japan) to half of fiscal 2019 levels by fiscal 2030 whereas the latest target applies the same time frame for halving the emissions by the entire KDDI Group.
    July 28, 2021 News Release
    Open link in a new windowKDDI to Halve its CO2 Emissions by Fiscal 2030 with the Aim to Achieve Carbon Neutrality (in Japanese only)

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