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KDDI and LG Uplus launch CIRC's Drone G6.0―Friendly to Smart-Drone Platforms―in Japan and South Korea

―The Autonomous drone is lightweight and highly resistant to dust and water―

  • KDDI Corporation

April 13,2020

Tokyo, April 13, 2020―In summer 2020, KDDI Corporation and LG Uplus will launch Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corporation (hereafter "CIRC")'s G6.0, a drone compatible with smart drone platforms [Jump to the applicable section1], in Japan and South Korea.
The three companies signed an operational partnership agreement on March 25, 2020. Going forward, the three companies aim to expand the drone's market in Japan and South Korea.

<Drone "G6.0">

<Drone port "Nest">

The G6.0 is a portable AI-friendly, fully autonomous drone that measures 500mm across and weighs less than 3kg. Highly resistant to dust and water, the drone is expected find use in monitoring and inspecting infrastructure and large facilities.
Used in conjunction with the designated G6.0 "Nest" drone port that allows the drone to depart and land with high precision and also charges the drone, the drone enables effective and safe operations without the need to send operators directly into the sites themselves.

The G6.0 is the first step of the operational partnership [Jump to the applicable section2] to develop a drone platform, signed between KDDI and LG Uplus on June 27, 2019. The drone supports a connection interface and communication modules commonly used for smart-drone platforms.

The three companies will continue to expand the lineup of global models that connect to the smart-drone platform, and create new experiences and value through introducing drones to society.

See the separate sheet for details.

<Separate sheet>

1. Overview of the drone

(1) Specifications of the G6.0

  • Diagonal wheelbase:
    500mm or less
  • Weight:
    less than 3kg
  • Propeller diameter:
    13 inches
  • Flight time:
    targeted at 40 minutes (hovering time)
  • Payload:
    RGB/Thermal camera (included), 10x zoom camera (optional)
  • Location accuracy:
    (RTK used) ±0.1m vertically and ±0.1m horizontally
    (RTK unused) ±0.5m vertically and ±1.0m horizontally
  • Water-and dust-resistance level:
  • Wind tolerance:
    Beaufort scale of 5 (10m/s)
  • Operating temperature range:
    -10°C - +40°C

(2) Specifications of the "Nest" drone port

  • Size:
    1,055mm (W) x 1,115mm (L) x 783mm (H) [closed],
    2,383mm (W) x 1,115mm (L) x 783mm (H) [open]
  • Weight:
    approximately 125kg
  • Water-and dust-resistance level:
  • Operational temperature range:
    -10°C - +40°C

2. Overview of CIRC

  • (1) Trading name:
    Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corporation (CIRC)
  • (2) Head office:
    Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • (3) Established:
    November 10, 2017
  • (4) Business:
    Autonomous intelligent robot solutions
  • (5) Representative:
    Robert Hsueh
  • URL:
    Open link in a new window
  • [1]
    Platforms that enable out-of-sight autonomous hovering and remote monitoring by mobile communication. Drones that support mobile communication and flight-control systems enable operators to remotely set flight routes, give flight instructions, and monitor in-flight video.
  • [2]
    Open link in a new windowSource: press release (announced by KDDI on June 27, 2019)
  • The specifications of the drone and drone port are subject to change in the future.

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