Bring New Value "Clean" to Smartphones! DIGNO rafre, the First Hand Soap-Washable Smartphone in the World, Has Arrived on the Market

DIGNO rafre

―Hand Soap-Washable Smartphone: First in the World! ―

The First in the World! [1] A smartphone that can be washed with hand soap!

  • Since it is hand soap-washable [2] and waterproof, you can wash it when dirty to clean it.

Comfortable Operation with Wet Hands! Makes Bath Time More Fun

  • Reliable waterproofing withstands even hot water [3], letting you relaxing bath while watching videos or 1seg broadcast TV!
  • Comfortably use the Internet with the touch panel even if the screen or your hands are wet!

Resistant to Impacts and Strong against Drops

  • Resistant to impacts of even unintentional drops. Resistance to vibration / temperature durability is supported in various environments.
  • Beautiful gloss will be maintained by Scratch Healing [5] that repairs minor scratches made in daily use by itself.
Basic specifications
Product name DIGNO rafre KYV36 OS Android (TM) 5.1
Manufacturer KYOCERA Corporation Display Approx.5.0 inch HD
Weight Approx. 155g Cameras Main camera: Approx. 13 million pixels/CMOS
Sub camera: Approx. 2 million pixels/CMOS
Battery capacity 3,000mAh Size Approx. 71 (W) x141 (H) x10.1 (D) mm
Memory Approx. 16GB (ROM)/Approx. 2GB (RAM) Continuous call time/standby time Call time: Approx. 1,300 minutes (VoLTE)
Standby time: Approx. 790 hours (LTE/WiMAX 2+)
Colors Coral pink, cashmere white, marine navy External memory microSDXC (TM) (128 GB max.)
Compatible services/functions
Max. downlink speed: 150 Mbps
Carrier aggregation - WiMAX 2+
VoLTE Sync call Voice Party
Email ( SMS Full Seg -
1Seg Wi-Fi (R) tethering
(10 devices max.)
Bluetooth (R) (ver. 4.1) Wi-Fi (R) (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) Emergency rapid mail
Osaifu-Keitai (R) NFC (acquire information/link) Infrared ray communication
Waterproof Dustproof Impact resistance

<Product Image>

<Coral pink> <Cashmere white> <Marine navy>

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1. Product overview

CategoryProduct name
Cover/Case Hard cover DIGNO (R) rafre hard cover/slim clear
DIGNO (R) rafre hard cover/star shower
DIGNO (R) rafre hard cover/hairline black
DIGNO (R) rafre hard cover/blue black gradation
DIGNO (R) rafre hard cover/Disney pass Corsage Minnie
Soft cover DIGNO (R) rafre soft cover/clear glitter
Hybrid cover DIGNO (R) rafre hybrid cover/clear
Book-type case DIGNO (R) rafre washable case/cashmere white
DIGNO (R) rafre washable case/coral pink
DIGNO (R) rafre washable case/marine navy
DIGNO (R) rafre book-type case/black
DIGNO (R) rafre point-decoration book-type case/pink
DIGNO (R) rafre book-type case/Disney pass FamilyTextile
Film/glass Film DIGNO (R) rafre LCD protective film/washable full-spec high-gloss
DIGNO (R) rafre LCD protective film/full-spec anti-reflection
Glass DIGNO (R) rafre LCD protective glass
Stand DIGNO (R) rafre duck-shaped bath stand

<Product Image>

Washable case/Duck-shaped bath stand

2. Where to purchase

Where to purchaseRelease date
au shops, au online shops, Stores that are directly operated by KDDI
December 11, 2015

<List of notes>

  • [1]
    For smartphones released as of November 1, 2015. Examined by NEO MARKETING INC.
  • [2]
    IPX5/IPX8 water resistance. Also, implemented the Kyocera-defined durability test, and does not constitute a guarantee for washing with any hand soap.
    Be sure the caps are securely fastened.
  • [3]
    Do not immerse the smartphone in hot water in a bath. Do not immerse the smartphone in hot spring or hot water with bath powder. Do not use the smartphone in this environment for a long period of time.
  • [4]
    Conducted tests that comply with 6 testing standards of the US Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810G) [Shock, Vibration, High Temperature, Low temperature].
  • [5]
    Major scratches that arise from drops of this product, strong impacts applied by throwing it, contact with a sharp object or other reasons, including the peeling and cutting of the coating, do not heal. There is no guarantee of healing from every scratch.
  • [6]
    Do not support use with extremely hot water (43 degrees Celsius or higher). They are not hand-soap washable.
  • [7]
    KYOCERA implemented the Kyocera-defined durability test to ensure that the smartphone will not malfunction even if it is exposed to hot water with almost the same temperature as that in a bath (below 43 degrees Celsius).
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