Bring New Value "Clean" to Smartphones! DIGNO rafre, the First Hand Soap-Washable Smartphone in the World, Has Arrived on the Market

―A smartphone you can use in the kitchen or living room without worrying about getting it dirty―

  • Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

December 3,2015

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular start selling the smartphone, DIGNO rafre, the first in the world to be washable with hand soap [1], from December 11, 2015. DIGNO rafre is a smartphone you can wash just like you wash your hands, which you can use comfortably every day.

DIGNO rafre provides an enhanced waterproof function and can be washed with hand soap [2]. This feature provides people who view recipes with their smartphones in the kitchen, want to keep their belongings clean, or have small children in their homes with the ability to use them without concern.
It provides protection against warm water so it can get wet with hot water and be used when taking a bathroom [3] [7]. Additionally, it comes with a touch panel display operable even if the display gets wet. You can make good use of bath time with your smartphone by using the Internet or watching videos comfortably.

For the display, Dragontrail (R) X, which boasts high strength, is used to provide full durability [4]. You can use it carefree in a wide range of situations, from ones that may cause damage in everyday life to outdoor activities such as winter sports. The back surface is finished with scratch-healing processing [5] so minor scratches made in daily life are naturally repaired.

It also comes complete with reliable features including the unique KYOCERA Smart Sonic Receiver, a 13 MP high-resolution camera, and a large-capacity battery for longer usage enabling approx. 1,300 minutes of consecutive calling.

There is a diverse selection of au official accessories in the au +1 collection which enable you to use the DIGNO rafre more comfortably, such as washable KYOCERA genuine book-type cases, reappliable protective films, and a duck-shaped bath stand for bath time fun [6].

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Attachment:Bring New Value "Clean" to Smartphones! DIGNO rafre, the First Hand Soap-Washable Smartphone in the World, Has Arrived on the Market

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