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KDDI Open Innovation Fund Invested in an IoT Technology Company "Monohm inc."


Runcible is designed to appeal human's sensibility and curiosity for beyond smartphone experience.
It's elegant and unique form is not just a trick but the new approach to digital life and environment.,
Featuring a first-of-its-kind fully round screen and a palm-sized form factor, Runcible is modeled on devices humans have carried around with them and loved for hundreds or thousands of years. Runcible will never beep, alert or otherwise interrupt us, enabling us to keep our attention where it has always meant to be.

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  • Company name:
    Monohm Inc.
  • Location:
    Berkeley, California (USA)
  • CEO:
    Aubrey Anderson (CEO)
  • Founded:
    December 2013
  • Description:
    Research & Development of New Necessities (TM)
  • URL:
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