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Experimental ICT Education Study Implemented in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka

1. Implementation Details

ItemDetailsCorresponding Grade Level
English Learning App

App enabling the development of listening and vocabulary skills while having fun with card games and other activities that utilize vocabulary and phrases with native English pronunciation.
Uses iterative learning for use during classroom and break times.

  • (In cooperation with)
    Chiba University Chikako Nishigaki Research Center
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Focused on 5th Graders
Math Drill App

App that enables learning of important items for learning units using a question-and-answer format. Includes comprehension estimation technology capable of generating appropriate problems for individual academic skill by using results of automatic scoring.
Uses iterative learning for use during classroom and break times.

  • (Material provided by)
    Gakken Education Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Focused on 5th Graders

Advanced social learning platform with vast proven track record globally.
The group feature can be constructed per class and can be used for communication among teachers and students while learning information literacy.
Also, can be used as a portal of the English Learning App and Math Drill App for students, learning management and progress tracking system for teachers.

  • (In cooperation with)
    Edmodo, Inc.
Focused on 5th Graders
  • In addition to the above, we are also receiving cooperation from i³ Systems, Inc (providers of the CLOMO smart device management and utilization platform.

2. Implementation Location

Fukuoka Municipal Kamo Elementary School (Sawara Ward, Fukuoka City)

3. Implementation Period

September 2014 to March 2015

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