Experimental ICT Education Study Implemented in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka


September 24,2014

KDDI and KDDI R&D LABORATORIES, in collaboration with the Fukuoka City Board of Education, will implement an experimental educational study for the use and application of ICT from September 2014 to March 2015.

The purpose of this KDDI-Fukuoka City Board of Education experimental study is to promote the use and application of ICT in an educational setting and increase students' academic skill while fostering their expressiveness and ability to think on their own. This study is being implemented due to the recognition by the Fukuoka City Board of Education of KDDI's activities in the use and application of ICT in the education sector and its education activities regarding the moral value of information from its Mobile Phone Learning Classes and other venues held in the Fukuoka area.

Fukuoka's Municipal Kamo Elementary School (Sawara Ward, Fukuoka City) will serve as the model school and will be provided with 100 tablets to use in learning activities that utilize the convenience of ICT such as practical classroom use, information collection from the internet, and off-campus learning. For the classroom, an English Learning App will be provided that includes a card game function that makes studying English fun and a Math Drill App incorporating comprehension estimation technology [1] which will promote effective learning that matches students' comprehension. Also, using the social learning platform Edmodo [2] as the communication tool among students and teachers, the education and improvement of information literacy will be achieved while Edmodo serves as a portal of learning apps and a learning management system. Edmodo has a vast proven track record globally. The transmission of learning apps uses the KDDI R&D LABORATORIES encryption technology, KCipher-2 [3], which achieves an ICT environment with consideration to safety and the protection of privacy.
The Fukuoka City Board of Education will use the results of this experimental study to assess the effect of the implementation of ICT.

KDDI and KDDI R&D LABORATORIES will continue to contribute to the spread and expansion of ICT in the educational and other sectors.

  • [1]
    Technology developed by KDDI R&D LABORATORIES that estimates the comprehension of each learning unit from the results of the answers to a portion of problems. This technology makes more effective learning and instruction possible by estimating the cause of weak learning units.
  • [2]
    Social learning platform provided by Edmodo,Inc. in United States. KDDI invested in Edmodo,Inc. through its corporate venture fund, KDDI Open Innovation Fund, and supporting their global expansion.
  • [3]
    High-speed streaming encryption technology designed by the collaboration of KDDI R&D LABORATORIES and Kyushu University, and commercialized by KDDI R&D LABORATORIES. This technology supports a wide variety of platforms from PCs to mobiles and was selected an e-Government recommended cipher in 2013.
    (Reference) High-speed Streaming Cipher, KCipher-2, Selected as E-Government Recommended Cipher (March 26, 2013 Press Release)
    Open link in a new windowhttp://www.kddi.com/corporate/news_release/2013/0326/

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Attachment:Experimental ICT Education Study Implemented in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka

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