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LUXA, Inc., operator of select outlet EC site, and KDDI enter into a 330 million-yen capital and business tie-up

1. Overview of business partnership

(1) Providing a new shopping style for au Smart Pass members

Top page of special website
for au Smart Pass members

As the first joint effort, KDDI will open a special page on which LUXA's selected items are offered at special prices.
LUXA not only deals with a wide selection of products, including designer items, appliances, delivery gourmet foods, cosmetics, and apparel, it has also offered programs that provide participants with special experience, such as the "Top Chef's Staff Meal Tour" and "Prestigious Companies Cafeteria Tour." Through this partnership, premium products and experiences will be provided as limited offers to au Smart Pass members, enabling a wide range of age groups to enjoy a new shopping style.
The au Smart Pass site adopts a timeline format, which will periodically announce limited-time offers of premium products to offer new discoveries to customers.

How to Access
・Website: Open link in a new window (in Japanese only)
・au Smart Pass -> Member Perks -> au Service Perks

(2) About the opening campaign celebrating the partnership and the products offered

Celebrating this partnership, an opening campaign will begin on October 25, 2013 during which members can take advantage of luxury experience tours, special discount prices for selected items, and 5 times as many LUXA points earned upon purchase.

  • Products offered (examples)
    LUXA's selected special experience programs include an invitation to a showing of Meijiza's November Hanagata Kabuki along with a guided tour of Meijiza and the stage by the theater staff ("LUXA Backstage Tour"). Additionally, a whole variety of limited sales, including designer appliances and furniture to popular brand boots, will periodically be offered exclusively to au Smart Pass members.
  • Earn x5 Points
    In celebrating the business partnership and as part of the opening campaign, during the period from October 25 to November 30, 2013, LUXA points that customers can earn upon purchase will be 5 times the regular point awards.
  • Images of products offered (examples)

2. Overview of capital tie-up

To maximize the synergy of the business partnership, KDDI and Global Brain invested an additional 330 million yen as private placement of securities to a third party on September 30, 2013 through the KDDI Open Innovation Fund. LUXA has already financed a total of 1 billion yen through the issuance of stocks with JAFCO's fund as the purchaser; it will be receiving a total of 1.33 billion yen of capital investment through third-party private placement including the capital tie-up with KDDI.

About Open link in a new windowLUXA, Inc. (in Japanese only)
The EC site "LUXA" opened in August 2010 as an online select outlet that delivers selected items. With a focus on "Good deals on luxury experiences," LUXA offers designer items and appliances, delivery gourmet foods, cosmetics, and apparel at special prices. In October 2010, LUXA, Inc. was incorporated along with the transfer of the LUXA business from BizReach, Inc. LUXA, Inc. has financed a total of 1 billion yen through the issuance of stocks with JAFCO's fund as the purchaser.
LUXA, Inc. opened a new branch in Osaka in April 2012, followed by two more in Fukuoka and Nagoya in February 2013, and expanded its range of products and services (restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality facilities, and relaxation facilities, etc.) in each region.

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