LUXA, Inc., operator of select outlet EC site, and KDDI enter into a 330 million-yen capital and business tie-up

Your smartphone becomes a select outlet! A new shopping style that delivers selected items

  • LUXA, Inc.

October 17,2013

LUXA, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Directors: Soichiro Minami and Satoshi Murata), which operates the select outlet EC site "Open link in a new windowLUXA (in Japanese only)" that delivers selected items, and KDDI Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Tanaka) will enter into a 330 million-yen capital tie-up and business partnership through the KDDI Open Innovation Fund, run by Global Brain Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yasuhiko Yurimoto).

LUXA offers life-enriching selected items, including designer goods, appliances, delivery gourmet foods, cosmetics, and apparel, based on the theme "Good deals on luxury experiences," as limited-time offers in limited quantities targeting a customer base of people in their 30's and up. Particularly in recent years, smartphone commerce transactions have rapidly increased, and compared with the sales in January 2012, the sales ratio of purchases via smartphones in September 2013 has risen from 8% to 35%, with an eleven-fold increase in sales.
Additionally, KDDI provides the au Smart Pass with the aim of forging stronger connections between smartphones and real life as the "Smart Relations Concept" sets out. au Smart Pass has more than 8 million users as of today.
Within this business environment framework, LUXA, Inc., pursuing further expansion of smartphone commerce, and KDDI, aiming for the provision of real, livelihood-focused services to a broad range of age groups via smartphone agreed in the course of their business and planning to enter into a capital and business tie-up.

Through this tie-up, LUXA, Inc. and KDDI will offer a new shopping style. Conventionally, outlet shopping was all about going to the outlet shops in suburban areas on the weekends. But now, by providing luxury experiences and items carefully selected by LUXA's buyers as limited time and quantity offers to au Smart Pass members, customers will be able to experience and enjoy outlet shopping from their smartphone during their spare time, such as while commuting or during lunch breaks. Celebrating this partnership, an opening campaign will begin on October 25, 2013 during which the "LUXA Backstage Tour" will be available for visitors to allow them to experience the backstage of kabuki, and items will be offered at special discount prices. Customers can also earn 5 times as many LUXA points during this campaign.

KDDI and LUXA, Inc. will utilize to the fullest the various resources that they possess today and in the future to offer a new shopping experience to au Smart Pass members in the smartphone age.

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Attachment:LUXA, Inc., operator of select outlet EC site, and KDDI enter into a 330 million-yen capital and business tie-up

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