Be devoured by the hottest smartphone games! Starting the new-sensation game media "Game Gift" in business partnership with KDDI

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  • AppBroadCast Co., Ltd.

August 29,2013

AppBroadCast Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Masashige Obara) and KDDI Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Tanaka) will enter into a business partnership and start the provision of the new-sensation smartphone game media "Game Gift" on August 29, 2013.

Game Gift is a new sensation game media service that offers the latest game information, strategy guides, featured reviews, and other valuable "gifts," as well as distributing free in-game items of top-rated games. This business partnership enabled the joint development of an environment that makes the latest popular games more enjoyable for Android™ smartphone users.

Drawing on their channels and know-how acquired through their customer attraction efforts with game publishers in Japan, AppBroadCast will offer special items and exclusives on popular games as well as collect and communicate other valuable but limited information to provide game users with worthwhile media through Game Gift. The business partnership with KDDI will reinforce and expand the relationships established with game publishers in and outside of Japan, which will further add to the depth of information as well as deliver increased business scale by attracting customers via au's lead tracks and customer base, aiming at the expansion of the game market.

KDDI is promoting the Year 2013 "Smart Relations Concept" and will review the provision of a variety of content and services that will add significant value to smartphone user experience. The business tie-up with AppBroadCast will enable KDDI to deliver much-wanted information from Game Gift in a timely manner through au Smart Pass, boasting more than 7 million users, and offer a new way to enjoy games. In addition, KDDI will support the expansion of the game market at large by investing in game publishers, such as 3rdkind and MutationsStudio, and in 5Rocks, Inc., which provides analysis and management tools for mobile games, through the KDDI Open Innovation Fund.

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Attachment:Be devoured by the hottest smartphone games! Starting the new-sensation game media "Game Gift" in business partnership with KDDI

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