Sony and KDDI Succeed at using 5G Standalone for PlayStation (R) Game Streaming and 8K Live Streaming

―Technological demonstrations to collaboratively create business and entertainment services with 5G SA―

  • Sony Corporation
  • KDDI Corporation

February 28,2022

On February 28, 2022, Sony Corporation ("Sony") and KDDI Corporation ("KDDI") announced that they successfully held two technological demonstrations with 5G Standalone mobile network [Jump to the applicable section1] (henceforth referred to as "5G SA") for PlayStation (R) game streaming with and 8K live-streaming.
These demonstrations were conducted with Xperia (TM) smartphones.

<Image of testing game streaming>

<Image of testing 8K live streaming>

Since January 2021, Sony and KDDI have been evaluating technologies to create new business use cases and entertainment services based on 5G SA [Jump to the applicable section2]. The following demonstrations are also part of this initiative.

This demonstration involved network slicing [Jump to the applicable section3], which is a key feature of 5G SA.
The two demonstrations were conducted with real use cases in mind, and had a stable connection to decrease the chance of being affected by other services from the same network.
The game streaming demonstration confirmed that users can play their PlayStation (R) 5 or PlayStation (R) 4 games on a smartphone while away from home.
The 8K live streaming test demonstrated that users can participate in events remotely with a sense of immersion. The achievement of the 8K live streaming demonstration is planned to be utilized at the upcoming music event in March 2022, "Open link in a new windowSPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2022" (in Japanese only) (sponsored by au 5G).

Sony and KDDI will continue to pursue initiatives for creating new services in the era of 5G SA.

■Outline of Technological Demonstrations

1. PlayStation game streaming using Xperia smartphones

<5G SA game streaming>

As a use case, Sony and KDDI envisioned remote playing, where users play their PlayStation (R) games on a smartphone while they're outside. An Xperia (TM) smartphone outside a building (assuming the user is outside) and a PlayStation inside the building (assuming it's at home) were linked via 5G SA. They were connected with network slices for game streaming that were customized to enable high-definition game graphics to ensure stable connection.
Results confirmed that the smartphone connected with network slices dedicated for game streaming was able to play PlayStation (R) games with advanced graphics more smoothly and stably than smartphones connected to ordinary slices.

Configuration image of 5G SA game streaming

<Configuration image of 5G SA game streaming>

2. Live streaming of ultra high-definition 8K videos

<5G SA event>

This demonstration envisioned a feeling of unity between performers at an event venue and the audience at a satellite location through interactions such as calls and responses.
Using Xperia (TM) smartphones as 8K video data receivers and transmitters, the camera at the event venue and the large display at the satellite location were connected by designated special network slices for 5G SA live streaming. They achieved live streaming of super high-definition videos.

Configuration image of a 5G SA event

<Configuration image of a 5G SA event>

<5G SA 8K VR>

This test envisioned virtually experiencing the immersive atmosphere from an event venue.
The event venue and satellite location were connected using special network slices for 5G SA live streaming. The footage was converted into 8K VR videos (3D and 180°), and the videos were sent to a visual headset (Xperia View) at the satellite location.

Configuration image of 5G SA 8K VR

<Configuration image of 5G SA 8K VR>

  • [1]
    The system combines 5G base stations with 5G Core Network (5GC) to enable transmissions based only on 5G technologies.
    This enables new features such as network slicing and multi-access edge computing (MEC), with which a server near the customer processes data and provides low-latency communications.
  • [2]
    September 27, 2021, news release
    Open link in a new windowSuccess in providing stable high-volume content with online live streaming services for 5G SA (in Japanese only)
  • [3]
    A technology that logically splits networks to provide networks that match customer uses and needs, including factors such as high-speed, high-volume, and low-latency.
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