Launching Global IoT Access in the KDDI IoT Worldwide Architecture

―Enabling roaming with KDDI in many countries and regions worldwide―

  • KDDI Corporation

June 24,2021

Tokyo, June 24, 2021―KDDI will begin offering services on June 24, 2021 for Global IoT Access, a connectivity service that enables roaming for IoT in many countries and regions worldwide from KDDI, a company with strong capabilities in global carrier relations. This service will feature alongside multiple services from SORACOM in the KDDI IoT Worldwide Architecture, a business platform that promotes global projects.

The KDDI Worldwide Architecture is being rolled out to the automotive industry and many other sectors, where it supports customers in expanding their business initiatives across the globe. With this service added to the architecture, it will support customers in growing their IoT services within a wide range of industries including manufacturing and services.

■Overview of the service

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    Local breakout points [Jump to the applicable section1] are installed in multiple countries, allowing for low-latency in IoT lines and boosting the level of convenience in the services that customers provide.
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    If customers have facilities in use within Japan and wish to implement a closed network connection with an overseas endpoint, they can enjoy safety and security by connecting through the KDDI Wide Area Virtual Switch (WVS) service.
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    A web console interface allows for centralized management from anywhere in the world, including functions for checking the status of SIM card usage, and for pausing or resuming the use of services.
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    The service is linked with local KDDI companies, providing peace of mind with full support for customers looking to expand overseas.

KDDI plans to offer two additional compatible services going forward, thereby offering further support for customers in developing their business on a global scale.

■Services to be offered in the future

1. Global IoT Router

This highly versatile IoT router is compatible with frequency bands in multiple countries, and has been approved for use abroad. KDDI plans to launch this in summer 2021.

2. Device Management Service

This service provides device kitting and maintenance all in one place. KDDI plans to launch this in fall 2021.

See the attachment for details on this service.
KDDI seeks to realize a fusion between telecommunication and life design, and it contributes to the business of its corporate customers as a company that helps achieve sustainable growth in society as it creates new experience value.


■Details about this service

1. Features

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    Excellent coverage for many countries and regions

    • (a)
      This service offers roaming with KDDI in many countries and regions in addition to SORACOM lines. This provides flexible support to customers as they develop their business on a global scale.
      KDDI plans to offer roaming in over 200 countries and regions worldwide by March 2022.
    • (b)
      Multiple local breakout points are installed in Japan, North America, Europe, and other locations around the world, allowing for low-latency connections.
    • (c)
      China places restrictions on data protection and communications, and we work with nationally owned communications providers in China to provide IoT communications services with integrated maintenance in the country.
    • Services in China use a different maintenance contact point and management screen from this service.
  • (2)

    Optimal prices at scales as low as one SIM card

    We achieve low prices through collaborative procurement with mobile roaming lines from au. There is no need to commit to the number of lines or the volume of data; we offer contracts starting at just one SIM card.

  • (3)

    Centralized management via a console

    This service features a similar user interface to the SORACOM IoT platform currently offered by KDDI, ensuring a high level of affinity for customers. We also have a contact point for inquiries to check the status of SIM cards at multiple locations, to add, change, or remove lines, to make an order from a wide selection of additional SORACOM services, or to ask about maintenance and operations. This allows for centralized management on communication lines via a console interface. Customers can also configure KDDI WVS Platform GW Air Connect to enable secure connections with the KDDI WVS service.

2. Service launch date

June 24, 2021

3. Contact us

Please contact a KDDI corporate salesperson or our corporate customer center.
Corporate customer center
Free Call 0077-7007 (toll-free) 0120-921-919 (toll-free)
Availability: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM JST (Excluding weekends and holidays)

For information on the countries where this service can be used, as well as price plans and other details, please visit our website: Open link in a new window

  • [1]
    A breakout point is a point of connection between an overseas mobile network and an external network.

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