Mazda Receives Support as the Car Maker Expands its Connected Services Worldwide

―KDDI to start providing high-quality and reliable global communication worldwide from autumn 2020―

  • KDDI Corporation

July 14,2020

Tokyo, July 14, 2020―Mazda will introduce into their vehicle that are set to launch globally in autumn 2020 an automotive communicator that accommodates the Global Communication Platform, KDDI's global IoT platform [Jump to the applicable section1] that realizes high-quality and reliable communication around the world.
By developing MyMazda, a smartphone app for connected services and providing the Global Communication Platform, KDDI will assist Mazda in expanding its connected services that help connect people and vehicles, globally.

How the global communication platform works

How the global communication platform works

Mazda does business in over 130 countries and regions. Since 2019 it has been offering MyMazda, an app that links users with connected services and connected cars. KDDI developed MyMazda and provided its communication lines in Japan, while Mazda managed communication lines by country as the connected services launched globally.

KDDI's Global Communication Platform senses the location information of vehicles that are equipped with a standard global automotive communicator, automatically connecting users to the communication provider selected for each country/region and monitoring communication status, all in one place. This way, high-quality and reliable communication connected cars require can be maintained worldwide.
This also makes it possible to centrally manage communication lines in countries and regions who have varying communication standards. Lines can be controlled, and their status viewed, remotely, seamlessly and at low cost. Vehicles that accommodate the Global Communication Platform will launch globally in autumn 2020, starting from those countries and regions that are ready.

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The authentication system for the vehicle features Toyota's cloud "Toyota Smart Center."

With regard to this project, Mazda's Executive Officer Akihiro Kidani said, "Based on our human-centric design philosophy, Mazda strives to develop connectivity technologies that help people share great and enriching car-related experiences and connect people to society. These are the kind of technologies that will help people forever feel the joie de vivre that makes us human. By employing KDDI's Global Communication Platform, Mazda will offer high-quality and reliable connected services to customers from around the world."

Going forward, through developing and offering the Global Communication Platform and MyMazda, KDDI will help Mazda's connected services expand globally to bring customers a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable car experience.

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