Introducing UNLIMITED WORLD au 5G: Fifth-Generation Mobile Communication Service "au 5G" to Kick Off on March 26

  • KDDI Corporation

March 23,2020

On March 26, 2020, KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will launch the "au 5G" service, the commercial service for the fifth-generation mobile communication system "5G" (hereinafter, "5G"), in some areas of 15 prefectures nationwide [Jump to the applicable section1]. Service areas for au 5G are set to expand to all major cities across Japan starting from the summer of 2020 (by March 2021: approximately 10,000 stations; by March 2022: more than 20,000 stations).
The "UNLIMITED WORLD au 5G" concept derives from being capable of freely handling extensive volumes of data instantly and without stress. Freed from conventional restrictions, "au 5G" delivers to customers a new and unprecedented expanded experience, called "AUGMENTED EXPERIENCE," that makes full use of 5G and advanced technology in an array of everyday situation such as entertainment, sports and art.
In addition, KDDI will also provide a special offer on AUGMENTED EXPERIENCE at a discount to au Smart Pass Premium members so they can enjoy videos, movies, XR, cloud games and even a range of real-life experiences.

In starting the au 5G service, KDDI President and Representative Director Makoto Takahashi announced, "In commercializing 5G, we are very pleased to be providing our customers with a new experience. Based on our advanced 5G and robust 4G hybrid network, KDDI will offer UNLIMITED options for rates, devices and services that create an open-ended AUGMENT experience through collaborations with our partners and startups. We hope you will enjoy the exciting times to come."

au 5G network features

5G station availability

Stations will be opened in select areas of 15 prefectures across Japan from March 2020.
From the summer of 2020 and beyond, additional stations will be phased in throughout all of Japan's major cities (by March 2021: approximately 10,000 stations; by March 2022: more than 20,000 stations).

Latest 5G technologies

AWS Wavelength is scheduled for implementation within the 5G network. KDDI's edge-computing environment will enable application developers to roll out services that take advantage of low latency while using the same familiar APIs, tools and features they use for AWS.

  • [1]
    Service will also be available in additional areas of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka by the end of March 2020. This schedule is subject to change.

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