KDDI develops "Comi Kuma", a teddy bear that communicates the user's feelings based on physical interactions

―New IoT communication tool for family members living apart from each other―


March 29,2016

KDDI's au Unlimited Future Laboratory, which specializes in next-generation smartphone inventions aimed at creating the communication of the future, has developed a teddy bear-shaped communication tool called "Comi Kuma", which can convey the user's feelings to another Comi Kuma user at a different location simply by physically interacting with it.

Comi Kuma
<Comi Kuma>

As a new IoT communication tool without any buttons or a keyboard, Comi Kuma lets users exchange stamp images simply by touching it or changing its position. Equipped with a communication module [1] and 12 sensors, Comi Kuma can send 11 different types of stamp images based on how the user interacts with it. Stamp images received by the other Comi Kuma are shown on a display embedded in the ribbon mounted on the bear's chest. Due to the simple operation, users who are not familiar with using smartphones, such as young children or the elderly, can use Comi Kuma to easily send stamp images to each other. The stamp images, which do not include any text, intuitively communicate the users' feelings regardless of their age or location.

Following the development of Comi Kuma, a user trial was conducted from January 23 to January 29, 2016 in the town of Gojome in the Minami-Akita district of Akita prefecture, where the community is experiencing a declining birth rate and aging population. During the trial period, users grew accustomed to using Comi Kuma, and its use also led to more opportunities for direct communication, such as by telephone. The results of the trial suggest that Comi Kuma can function as an effective means of communication between grandparents and grandchildren.

Moving forward, KDDI will continue working to develop new types of communication experiences.

  • [1]
    Bluetooth communication module for establishing connection with smartphone

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Attachment:KDDI develops "Comi Kuma", a teddy bear that communicates the user’s feelings based on physical interactions

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