KDDI releases "Starter-app for hearing-impaired athletes", which uses light cues to signal the start of races

1. Features of "Starter-app for hearing-impaired athletes"

The smartphone with the installed app is placed on the ground in front of the athlete. For individual training, the athlete presses the start button, and the screen color changes at random intervals until the start signal is displayed. For group training, a "starter" smartphone can send the start signal to multiple "athlete" smartphones simultaneously.

Menu screen, Screen color changes to convey start signal, Group training

2. Supported devices

Smartphones running Android (TM)

  • Android (TM) version 4.3 or later is required for installation. To use the "starter" function that sends the start signal, Android (TM) version 5.0 or later is required for installation.

3. Price

Free of charge

  • A separate packet communications charge applies when downloading.

4. Release date

March 28, 2016

  • The app can also be downloaded from au Market.
  • The app is available on Google Play as of March 30, 2016.
  • The app is available on the App Store.

5. App logo

App logo

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