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KDDI Invests in, Operators of the AOI-ZEMI Smartphone Tutoring School, Through the KDDI Open Innovation Fund


AOI-ZEMI, provided by, is a new online tutoring school that creates a school anywhere there is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
It features live classes where lecturers and students can proceed together in real time and the ability for users to learn with online classmates through live classes. AOI-ZEMI utilizes originally-made learning materials, and users can start with plans that are free of charge. Users can also choose from paid plans to meet their needs that include reviews of recorded classes and browsing of textbooks.

<Reference> Market overview

As a result of a sense of danger of decreased academic aptitude due to eased educational standards from 2002 and the increase of supplementary needs due to the change to new educational guidelines from the 2011 school year, there is an increasing trend of students attending tutoring schools.

Source: "Open New WindowDynamic Statistics of Specific Service Industries: Tutoring Schools"" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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    • Company Name:
    • Location:
      1 Chome-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo Yotsuya Mitsuke Building 6F
    • Representative:
      Takaki Ishii, Representative Director
    • Established:
    • Business Content:
      Operation of online tutoring schools
      Operation of tutoring schools for junior high and high school students
      Development of e-learning systems and apps
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    About the KDDI Open Innovation Fund
    The KDDI Open Innovation Fund is a corporate venture fund established by KDDI and Global Brain Corporation to invest in promising domestic and international venture companies. KDDI firmly supports the growth of investee companies using its wide network of companies, marketing skills, and by linking to services such as au Smart Pass.
    Furthermore, KDDI has offices in San Francisco in the US where consideration for investment take place for startup companies with the latest technologies and innovative business models. KDDI supports investee companies when they consider their expansion into Japan by providing a wide range of support that includes business development, marketing, and localization.

    For more information about the KDDI Open Innovation Fund, visit the following official homepage.
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