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KDDI Open Innovation Fund invests in Soft Gear, an online game development company

■ Description of Soft Gear

Since its establishment in 2008, Soft Gear has been engaged in the development of online games that are compatible with a variety of platforms, from home video game consoles to smartphones. With a particular strength in developing fast and stable servers, Soft Gear offers a wide range of development services, from the development of underlying technology to design, development, debugging, and service operation.
The company also conducts research and development of library services that support game development, which has resulted in a variety of development environment products such as a communication library, server solutions, and a 3D engine. Moving forward, Soft Gear aims to utilize their technology and expertise gained through the development of online games and library services, to provide development support in the entertainment market, as well as in the enterprise market where server and communication technologies are required.

<Details of Soft Gear>

  • Name:
    Soft Gear Co., Ltd.
  • Address:
    Kosugi Bldg 2F, 1-28-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Representative:
    Kengo Aoki (President)
  • Established:
    February 2008
  • Activities:
    Online game development
    Library development/sales
    Content services
  • URL:
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■ Description of KDDI Open Innovation Fund

KDDI Open Innovation Fund is a corporate venture fund managed by KDDI and Global Brain Corporation, which invests in promising startup companies located in Japan and overseas. KDDI strongly supports the growth of the investment companies with cooperation bolstered by KDDI's broad network of companies, marketing skills, and various services such as au Smart Pass.
In addition, KDDI is currently operating in San Francisco, USA to consider investment in startup companies with cutting-edge technology and innovative business models. When companies that receive investment are considered for expansion into Japan, KDDI will provide a wide range of support in areas such as business development, marketing, and localization.

For more information about the KDDI Open Innovation Fund, visit the website at the URL below.
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