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Launch of KDDI Analytics Suite with MicroStrategy―Cloud service that accelerates use and application of corporate big data


October 22,2014

KDDI CORPORATION (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Tanaka; "KDDI"), together with MicroStrategy Japan Incorporated (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kimihiro Indo; "MicroStrategy"), will launch KDDI Analytics Suite with MicroStrategy, a cloud service that accelerates the use and application of corporate customers' big data, from October 23, 2014.

KDDI Analytics Suite with MicroStrategy is an all-inclusive cloud service that achieves sequential function use such as the accumulation, integration, analysis, and display of results of massive big data without installing new dedicated equipment. It contributes to the speeding up of operational strategies since the service can be used within a short time after applying. Results of analyses can be viewed on multiple devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and the visual and intuitive user interface allows anyone to easily comprehend and utilize the results. Customer data is analyzed and managed on KDDI's secure network and cloud platform, offering safe and secure use.
With this service KDDI is now able to use and apply big data to safely and securely add new value to businesses in a short time without the burden of expensive costs and contribute to the expediting of managerial decision making and the enhancement of corporate competiveness.

Takeshi Ariizumi, Executive Director and General Manager, Solution Engineering Division, Solution Business Sector of KDDI had this to say.
"We are extremely proud to be able to provide America's MicroStrategy's service, chosen by many of the world's top corporations, through our infrastructure. KDDI will continue to provide new added value, the likes never seen before, through this service which enables the maximum use of corporate customer information assets."

America's MicroStrategy's headquarter president, Paul Zolfaghari, said the following.
"We are very proud that MicroStrategy products will be adopted into KDDI's cloud service. Through this partnership, users will be able to use a world class analytics solution easier than ever to fulfill their self-service and governance needs. We believe that the ability for anyone to easily and innovatively use data effectively will lead to the enhancement of corporate competitiveness."

KDD will continue to support the use of big data by corporate customers and provide new value that optimizes costs and accelerates business.

For more details, see the Attachment.
Attachment:Launch of KDDI Analytics Suite with MicroStrategy―Cloud service that accelerates use and application of corporate big data

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