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KDDI launches Syn. concept to create new mobile Internet experience―With a total investment of 12 billion yen in Syn.alliance member companies―


October 16,2014

On October 16, 2014, KDDI Corporation launched the Syn. concept, a decentralized web portal in which all of the services function as entrances, with the aim of creating a new mobile Internet experience for customers. In addition, KDDI established Syn.alliance, a new consortium of 12 major Internet service companies that span a variety of genres and which collectively boast the largest number of monthly users in Japan (over 41 million [1]). KDDI is providing support through investment funds and other means to the following Syn.alliance member companies: AppBroadCast Co., Ltd., Jorte Inc., Natasha, Inc., nanapi Inc., VASILY, Inc., Bitcellar, Inc., and LUXA, Inc.

In the past, KDDI has worked with partner companies to create new value for smartphone users both online and in the real world, through services such as au Smart Pass and au WALLET. Although smartphones have been widely adopted by users in Japan, surveys show that customers do not take full advantage of the added value and services available through their smartphones [2]. With this in mind, KDDI is committed to implementing the Syn. concept to create an environment that helps users take full advantage of the added value and services available through their smartphones, while improving the convenience of the customer's smartphone experience.

[List of Syn.alliance members that received investment funds]
AppBroadCast Co., Ltd. [3] Operates the innovative Game Gift game media service, which provides a variety of savings ("gifts") for popular game apps, including information about free offers for limited items, pre-ordering information, and articles on gaming strategy.
Jorte Inc. Provides the extremely popular Jorte calendar and diary app with excellent functionality, user-friendliness, and customization capabilities, which has been downloaded over 10 million times in Japan.
Natasha, Inc.
Operates the Music Natalie website, one of Japan's largest music news media sites providing the latest music information about major and independent label artists in Japan, as well as the Comic Natalie website, one of Japan's largest comic news media sites providing the latest manga information.
nanapi Inc. Operates the nanapi website, which provides over 100,000 "how-to" recipes designed to help users get more out of their daily lives, making it one of the largest collections of its kind in Japan.
VASILY, Inc. Provides iQon, one of Japan's most popular social fashion service apps, which enables users to browse over 10 million fashion coordination styles created and posted by other users.
Bitcellar, Inc. Operates the Qrank service, which provides easy access to a variety of rankings in a broad range of categories and genres.
LUXA, Inc. [3] Operates LUXA, a select outlet e-commerce website that offers discounts of up to 90% on items ranging from upscale products to gourmet restaurant meals, based on the concept of "luxury experience at a discount".
  • [1]
    Total number of monthly unique users of services provided by Syn.alliance member companies (smartphone users only).
    (Customers who use multiple services are counted separately for each service that they use.)
  • [2]
    According to research by KDDI.
  • [3]
    Investment through KDDI Open Innovation Fund

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