Over 100 outstanding new official au accessories added to au +1 collection!

- New accessories range from unique device covers to exciting wearable items -


  • Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

October 2,2013

In late October 2013, KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will begin updating the au +1 collection of official au accessories. In addition to items designed specifically for use with new models in the winter lineup, other convenient items will be released that can be used with any smartphone model.

The au +1 collection will include the GALAXY Gear smartwatch, which communicates with GALAXY series smartphones and enables the user to make voice calls and check notifications. Other new items that add value to the smartphone experience include the Cyber-shot (TM) lens-style camera, a new style of digital camera that establishes a wireless connection with an Xperia (TM) or other smartphone so that it can be used as a viewfinder when shooting photos and movies, as well as Pocket photo, a portable printer that makes it easy to print photos from a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to standard items such as stylish yet functional covers and cases for the latest au smartphones and tablets, and protective film for screens, the expanded collection features new items that further increase the convenience and enjoyment of smartphones.

Open link in a new windowhttp://www.au.kddi.com/mobile/product/plus-one/special-2013winter/p_index_04.jpg

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Attachment:Over 100 outstanding new official au accessories added to au +1 collection! <Attachment>

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