Notice of Nominees for Directors (Resolution planned, June 18, 2014)

April 30,2014

KDDI Corporation

KDDI Corporation resolved at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on April 30, 2014 to nominate following members for directors.
This subject is to be resolved at the annual meeting of Shareholders, and the meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled on June 18, 2014.

1. Change of Director (With Representative Rights)

  1. (1) Reason to change
    The reason for the change is to enable the Company to make management decisions and practice management in a more appropriate, flexible, smooth, and swift manner that is more responsive to changes in the operating environment that impact the Company and the Group as a whole.

  2. (2) Name and Title of Director
    Name: Yuzo Ishikawa
    Title: Senior Vice President, Director

    • Scheduled to be promoted to the position of director with representative rights on June 18, 2014.
  3. (3) Biography of Director
    Date of Birth: October 19, 1956


September 1985

Joined the Company

June 2000


June 2001

Vice President

June 2010

Associate Senior Vice President, Director

June 2011

Senior Vice President, Director (Current position)

April 2012

Senior Vice President, General Manager, Consumer Business, Solution Business, Global Business and Product Sector, Director (Current position)

Shares of the Company's stock held: 11,400 shares

  1. (4) Tentative Date of Appointment
    June 18, 2014

2. Changes of Directors

(1) Nominees for Directors

Tadashi Onodera


Takashi Tanaka


Hirofumi Morozumi


Makoto Takahashi


Yuzo Ishikawa

Director* (Promoted)

Masahiro Inoue Director
Hideo Yuasa Director
Tsutomu Fukuzaki Director
Hidehiko Tajima Director
Yoshiaki Uchida

Director (Newly-appointed)

Tetsuo Kuba Director
Nobuyori Kodaira Director
Shinji Fukukawa

Director (Newly-appointed)

  • Directors with representative rights
  • Note:
    Mr. Tetsuo Kuba, Mr. Nobuyori Kodaira, and Mr. Shinji Fukukawa are the nominees for the position for outside auditor. Mr. Shinji Fukukawa is the nominee for the position of independent director pursuant to Rule 436-2 of the Securities Listing Regulations of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
  1. (2) Director Planning to Retire
    Director Yoshiharu Shimatani

(3) Nominee for Auditor

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Newly-appointed)

  1. (4) Auditor Planning to Retire
    Audit & Supervisory Board Member Masataka Iki

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