Full-scale Development of LTE Telecommunications Service Begins in Myanmar

"Happy Data Combo"

This is a data package provided alongside the ordinary data amount, including a data amount just for SNS and video streaming [1].

Valid PeriodData AmountSNS & Video Streaming Data Capacity [1]Price (Myanmar Kyat)
1 day 150MB +200MB 399MMK
1 week 300MB +600MB 999MMK
1 month 1GB +1,000MB 2,999MMK
2GB +1,200MB 4,999MMK
4GB +2,500MB 9,999MMK
10GB +5,500MB 19,999MMK
20GB +6,000MB 29,999MMK

(Reference) MPT

Jul. 2014 KDDI and SUMITOMO enter the Myanmar telecommunications market by entering a joint operations with MPT
Sep. 2014 MPT brand and logo redesign
Nov. 2014 MPT opens first directly managed shop
Jan. 2015 New price plan "Swe Thahar" starts service
Mar. 2016 Portal site for smartphones "Lo Ta Ya" starts service
May 2016 Number of subscribers exceeds 20 million
Oct. 2016 Limited indoor LTE high-speed data transfer service with 2.1 GHz band starts
Mar. 2017 New price plan "Shal Pyaw" starts service
  • [1]
    Eligible services: Facebook, Viber, YouTube (TM), Pyone Play
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