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Launch of the next-generation voice call service, au VoLTE

1. au VoLTE Service and Features

  • (1)
    Voice call service
    • 1.
      High quality sound and voice calls with VoLTE [1] [2]
      Compared to conventional voice calls [3], the voice frequency range is from 50Hz to 7kHz thus achieving a clearer upper register and making calling with high sound quality possible. Also, by performing priority control for voice packets (QoS [4] control), connection quality is ensured making reliable voice calls available.
    • 2.
      Speedy incoming and outgoing calls
      When making a call, the network does not switch to the 3G network. Incoming and outgoing calls are possible in a shorter time compared to conventional 4G LTE smartphones.
    • 3.
      Concurrent communication (simultaneous use of voice calls and data communication)
      Data communication such as Web browsing, sending and receiving e-mail, and viewing maps is available during voice calls using VoLTE.
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    Sync Call
    Sync Call is a new communication service that offers users features for various daily situations they can use during voice calls with VoLTE. These features include Screen Sync, which displays the caller's smartphone screen on their recipient's smartphone; Camera Sync, which displays live images from the caller's camera on their recipient's smartphone; Location Sync, which displays the caller's and their recipient's location information on a map; and Handwriting Sync, which enables sharing of hand written text on the screen. [2] [5]
    The service also provides a Basic Function interface, a dedicated voice call user interface that allows users to receive an incoming call without leaving their current screen even if they are browsing the Web or using an application (movie, game, etc.) when they receive an incoming call.
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    Voice Party
    This is a voice call service that enables simultaneous group calls up to 30 people including the initial caller. Users can enjoy conversations with family and friends who are far away, use the service as a communication tool between multiple offices for business (telephone conference), and more. [6]
  • [1]
    VoLTE is the abbreviation for Voice over LTE, and it is technology that achieves voice calling over the LTE high speed data communication network.
  • [2]
    Within au 4G LTE areas. Limited to calls between au VoLTE models.
  • [3]
    Voice calls with line switching method for 4G LTE smartphones.
  • [4]
    Abbreviation for Quality of Service, a function that processes priority within a network.
  • [5]
    Sync functions for Sync Call are scheduled to be provided from February 2015 (isai VL LGV31 and URBANO V01 will be supported via an update).
  • [6]
    Requires subscription to the Voice Party option (¥300/month excluding tax) or Basic Phone Pack (V) (¥400/month excluding tax). The initial caller is separately charged a calling fee based on the number of people they call.

2. Service Area

4G LTE areas

3. Usage Fees

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    Rate plan
    For au VoLTE, the same charges as the Unlimited Voice & Data Freedom and LTE Plan for 4G LTE smartphones apply.

    (Excluding tax)

    Rate planCharges
    (when Everybody Discount is applied)
    Flat-rate Data serviceCharges
    Unlimited Calling Plan (V) ¥2,700 Flat-rate Data 2 (V) ¥3,500
    Flat-rate Data 3 (V) ¥4,200
    Flat-rate Data 5 (V) ¥5,000
    Flat-rate Data 8 (V) ¥6,700
    Flat-rate Data 10 (V) ¥8,000
    Flat-rate Data 13 (V) ¥9,800
    LTE Plan (V) ¥934 LTE Plan (V) ¥5,700
    • Requires subscription to Unlimited Calling Plan (V) and Flat-rate Data 2 (V)/3 (V)/5 (V)/8 (V)/10 (V)/13 (V).
      Subscription to LTE NET is required for internet connection.
  • (2)
    Option Services
    Basic Phone Pack (V) for au VoLTE is provided. The new Voice Party voice call option service and other services are added to the current Basic Phone Pack. Compared to individual services, this package charge offers a better deal.

    <Corresponding services>

    (Excluding tax)

    Service nameService overviewIndividual usage feeBasic Phone Pack (V)

    Voice Party

    Call up to 30 people at a time. You can call au mobile phones, mobile phones of other carriers, and fixed line phones simultaneously [1].

    ¥300 ¥400
    (Save ¥800 compared to using each service individually)

    Answering Service EX

    A service that increases the storage amount and storage period for Answering Service.


    Multi-Party Calling Service

    Call another person during a call to enable a three-person conversation.


    Unwanted Call Prevention Service

    Service that prevents unwanted and mischievous calls from directly reaching the customer.



    Service that allows you to set your favorite music or sound as the ringer the caller hears when they call your au mobile phone.


    Call Waiting Service

    Picks up an incoming call received while you are on the phone.

    • [1]
      The initial caller is separately charged a calling fee based on the number of people they call.

4. Launch Date

Early December 2014

5. Supported Models

isai VL LGV31、URBANO V01

6. Supported Models

7. au VoLTE Voice Call Screen (Image)

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