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Establishment of ASIA NFC Alliance

February 25,2014

Four Companies Working Toward Expansion of Mobile NFC Services


KDDI, Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan), Hong Kong Telecommunication (Hong Kong) and SK Planet (Korea) established the ASIA NFC Alliance on February 25, 2014, with the approval of GSMA, an association of the world's mobile telecommunications carriers. The purpose of the alliance is to promote and expand mobile NFC [1] services. NFC is a proximity wireless communication system defined by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

The ASIA NFC Alliance will jointly review standardization of NFC tag specifications, common brand marks and NFC platforms to allow users in the Asian region to use mobile NFC services easily regardless of whether at home or abroad, and work to resolve issues facing the popularization and expansion of mobile NFC services.
Strengthening collaboration among overseas telecommunications carriers with the cooperation of GSMA will lead to standardization of the specifications of mobile NFC services around the world, and the creation of an environment in which domestic and international service providers can more easily develop and provide mobile NFC-based services.
This will promote initiatives aimed not only at mutual use of mobile NFC services in Asia, but their popularization around the world.

KDDI will continue to strive for invigoration of the NFC market to allow more convenient use of mobile NFC services regardless of whether the user is inside or outside Japan.
A spokesperson for the companies involved in establishing the alliance issued the following comment.

Takashi Tanaka, President of KDDI, commented, "We hope that this alliance will be an open organization for the expansion of overseas cooperation services. We aim to actively promote collaboration with telecommunications carriers not only in Asia but in Europe and America, and create a world in which users in every country can avail themselves of NFC services."

Lin, Kuo-Feng, President of Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Business Group commented, "Taiwanese and Asian consumers mostly have high acceptance in the latest technology, so mobile NFC applications have gained widespread attention and expectation in Asia markets. With the foundation of the Alliance, we will work collaboratively on the seamless and complete NFC experience from domestic area to Asia"

Richard Midgett, Managing Director of Wireless Business, HKT commented, "The founding of the Alliance is an important step forward in the development of cross-border NFC mobile services, bringing to our customers the greatest benefits while traveling aboard, as well as to visitors to Hong Kong."

JH Kah, CEO of SK Planet International commented, "Many exciting services will launch with NFC Alliance. SK Planet will actively participate with Smart Touch (Open TSM) and Mobile Commerce Services."

Pierre Combelles, Business Lead, Digital Commerce of GSMA commented, "The GSMA is delighted to support the Asia NFC Alliance, as it endeavors to accelerate the deployment of NFC services in Asia. Cross operator interoperability, and common platforms to easily develop and deploy services are key enablers to attract service providers and grow the NFC ecosystem. By working together with the Asia NFC Alliance, we hope to lay down a solid foundation for subscribers to experience a wealth of top quality NFC services across Asia - and to build best practice for other regions,"

●List of companies participating in alliance

Participating Company
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Japan Based in Tokyo, Japan, KDDI Corporation is a leading global communication service provider and has number of overseas offices are 100 in 28 countries. KDDI offers quality services and effective solutions for both consumer and business partners. KDDI's brand "au" delivers mobile and fixed-line services facilitating convenient and effortless communication experience for consumers in Japan. With multitude of and ever-expanding ICT realm ranging from FMC networks to data centers, applications and security strategies strengthen KDDI's business clients. KDDI group strives forth another step closer to become a truly global company through diversity, integration and persistent expansion into international community.
Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom (TAIEX 2412, NYSE: CHT) is the leading telecom service provider in Taiwan. Chunghwa Telecom provides fixed line, mobile, Internet, and data services to individual and business clients in Taiwan.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong HKT (SEHK: 6823) is Hong Kong's premier telecommunications service provider. It meets the needs of the Hong Kong public and local and international businesses with a wide range of services including local telephony, local data and broadband, international telecommunications, mobile, and other telecommunications businesses such as customer premises equipment sale, outsourcing, consulting and contact centers. Together with the highly successful media business of its parent company, PCCW Limited, HKT offers innovative media content and services across the PCCW Group's unique quadruple-play platforms - fixed-line, broadband Internet access, TV and mobile.
SK Planet
Korea SK Planet, established in October 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Telecom, leads the revolution of online and mobile service platform with its Digital Contents, Integrated Commerce and Advertising & Marketing Businesses.

●Previous KDDI Initiatives

  • April 2010
    Conducted demonstration of NFC mobile phones
  • January 2012
    Unrolled Japan's first ever NFC services
  • June 2012
    Launched FeliCa and NFC-capable terminals
  • October 2012
    Deployed world's first NFC-based flight boarding service in collaboration with Japan Airlines
  • February 2013
    Provided NFC-based Kokosil Ginza Coupon At A Touch smartphone app
  • March 2013
    Promoted diffusion of mobile NFC services in collaboration with 15 companies representing various business areas
  • June 2013
    KDDI and Chunghwa Telecom jointly exhibited NFC coupon services at Mobile Asia Expo 2013

[1] NFC (Near Field Communication): The international standard for proximity wireless communication systems defined by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). NFC-capable smartphones support a range of applications, including a Card Function that can be used for credit card/electronic money transaction services, various ticketing services, or as a coupon or membership ID, a Reader Function that allows users to retrieve information by holding the NFC-capable smartphone over a poster equipped with an NFC tag, and a Peer to Peer Function for exchanging information between NFC-capable smartphones or by holding it over an NFC-capable device.

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